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Architectural Glazing Systems

The Eastern Corporation Team drives our framing systems design to not only meet the architectural aesthetics, but to address the thermal transmission requirements and dynamics of the structure. Custom or standard, utilized or stick framed, systems are designed, manufactured and tested to meet prescribed acoustical requirements, large and small missile impact loads, and impulse blast loads.

Our experts are able to provide design-build service, starting together from the design phase to ensure a successful delivery of the project. With our experience in working with Architects, General Contractors and Developers, enabling us to meet multi-faceted requirements ranging from aesthetics, schedule and budget.

Curtain and Window Walls

Punched Windows


Architectural Glass & Aluminum

We strive to ensure that Architectural Glass & Aluminum will continue to be regarded as a leader in facade design, product innovation, and an expert in articulated custom curtain walls, specializing in glass / aluminum technologies.

We continue to apply technology to enhance our ability to deliver projects faster, more cost effectively and with the highest level of quality. We continue to grow and cultivate our relationship with our partners across the country; supporting owners, architects and contractors with the completion of extraordinary monumental projects.