From start to commissioning

Your full-service metal fabricating provider

Typical shop construction and fabrication capabilities can involve an ever changing array of shapes, thicknesses, sizes, material grades, and project specifications and EGA has you covered.

ACM Panel Fabrication

Aluminum Composite Panel fabrication is the process of cutting, bending/folding, and prefabricating panels. Finally, they are installed onto building facades, canopies, and various other uses.

Aluminum composite panels normally come in 4mm or 6mm thickness. These panels, usually cut to size using our CNC Router, create some stunning effects. With this router, we can create the simplest square panel, or very complex shapes.

Aluminum Window and Door Fabrication

When it comes to needing glass and glazing systems for a commercial customer, EGA has an advantage over its competitors: a metal and glass fabrication shop.
Our workers manufacture an array of products, like aluminum doors, storefront and curtain wall systems, and other glass-based products.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

We provide comprehensive Metal Working Solutions for all your custom sheet metal fabrication needs.

Our integrated metal processing operation combined with our progressive continuous improvement approach will assist in fulfilling your sheet metal fabrications in a timely and cost-effective process.

We specialize in carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, and many other common alloy material fabrications.